Gig Details

Gig name: Chain and others @ Teazer on Saturday, Aug 11 1973
Headlining band

Name: Chain

Members: Matt TaylorPhil ManningBarry 'Big Goose' SullivanBarry 'Little Goose' Harvey

Other bands

Name: Alta Mira

Members: No band members listed

Name: Eli Flash

Members: Graham RussellLyndsay HammondChrissie HammondGraham HannamColin SearleSam McNallyPerry JohnstonPeter RobertRobert 'Twiggy' TaylorDave CooperBrenton White

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Venue details
Status: Open
Type: Discotheque
Location: 355 Exhibition Street Melbourne
Comments: Go-Set Oct 27 1973 [A gig listing in Go-Set Aug 4, 1973, p.16 reads: (old Sebastians. Exhibition St City): Melbourne's only late night disco opening night with Matt T***, Dutch Tilders, Sid Rumpo"] [An article in Go-Set Aug 11, 1973, p.3 : 'New Melb. Rock Venue Opens' outlines closure of a number of venues in 1973 (Berties, Garrison, Sebastians, Regent, Peppers, Beaumaris Civic Centre, Much More Ballroom, Opus, Freedom, King Neptunes) while it tells of Teazer opening. To be run by same partnership that ran Garrison.] Unsure if licensed? - AG


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