Gig Details

Gig name: Band of Light and others @ Garrison on Saturday, Mar 17 1973
Headlining band

Name: Band of Light

Members: No band members listed

Other bands

Name: Chain

Members: Matt TaylorPhil ManningBarry 'Big Goose' SullivanBarry 'Little Goose' Harvey

Name: Sid Rumpo

Members: No band members listed

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Venue details
Status: Open
Type: Discotheque
Location: 166 High Street Prahran
Comments: Garrison Discotheque [An article in Go-Set April 21, 1973: "Garrison to Close?" - suggests that Prahran council will have the venue closed due to zoning issues. An article in Go-Set April 18, 1973: "Garrison Saved" - reports that Garrison organisers have elected to pay a fine every time the building is used for entertainment purposes.] Run by Michael Gudinski??


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