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Gig name: Train Line, Clymax @ Pink Pig on Thursday, Sep 17 1970
Headlining band

Name: Train Line

Members: No band members listed

Name: Clymax

Members: No band members listed

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Venue details
Pink Pig
Status: Closed
Type: Licensed Discotheque
Location: 115 Lt Bourke Street Melbourne
Comments: Article: Go-Set. Sept. 12 1970. p 18. Author: Stephen MacLean. Article notes: 'The Pig will be more like the Sydney type of disco, because you can bring your own grog until 10 o'clock and it'll also be a restaurant providing meals and snacks. Article: Go-Set Sept 26, 1970. p.19. Author: Stephen MacLean. Article Notes: Pink Pig closed 'died of its own accord.


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