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Gig name: Max Merritt and the Meteors, Genesis @ Paradise - Caulfield Youth Centre on Saturday, Mar 28 1970
Headlining band

Name: Max Merritt and the Meteors

Members: No band members listed

Name: Genesis

Members: Les StacpoolMatt TaylorJohn 'Yuk' HarrisonReno TeheiLaurie Pryor

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Venue details
Paradise - Caulfield Youth Centre
Status: Closed
Type: Community Hall
Location: Maple Street Caulfield
Comments: Grand Opening Feb 7 1970 - Big ad in Feb 4 1970 Go set. Details from ad: Snack Bar, Fully Stocked Milk Bar. Ellis D Fogg Light Show, Go-Go Girls Bus Service from Outer Suburbs - Gardenvale, Caulfield, Ormond stations. Dress - Come as you are.


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