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Gig name: Guest Band @ Thumpin' Tum on Wednesday, Jul 21 1971
Headlining band

Name: Guest Band

Members: No band members listed

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Venue details
Thumpin' Tum
Status: Closed
Type: Discotheque
Location: 50 Little LaTrobe Street Melbourne
Comments: also known as The Tum, The Thumping Tum, Thumpin' Tum, The Thumpin' Tum. Notes: nickname given to itself in mid 1970 was 'Heavy Quarters' - perhaps as a link to the 'heavy' bands and music played there - AG 130316. Article: Go-Set March 23, 1966. p 7. Title: Around the World. Author: Tony Healey. - Ken Moate named as part owner. Article: Mother Tum alive again. Go_Set June 12, 1971. p.21. Article states that Max the Bouncer was behind the June 1971 reopening of Tum. Notes: dry venue, though had occasional BYO and licensed nights (a few times a year maximum). - AG


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