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Gig name: Levi Smith Clefs, Cinnamon @ Easyrider Disco on Thursday, May 18 1972
Headlining band

Name: Levi Smith Clefs

Members: No band members listed

Name: Cinnamon

Members: No band members listed

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Venue details
Easyrider Disco
Status: Open
Type: Pub
Location: 274 Whitehorse Road Nunawading
Comments: NOTE - part of a pub (Whitehorse Hotel) so should be listed as a pub. First listing - Go-Set. May 22, 1971. p. 21. "East sides first time licensed disco. Movies, lights, latest records, casual dress, live go go girls, admission price includes supper!. Top Acts Every week. Every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday night. - Go-Set May 22, 1971. 'Easyrider has had a facelift' - Go-Set Sept 9, 1972 p 19.


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