Gig Details

Gig name: Blackfeather @ Marlboro Plastic Dome Disco on Friday, Mar 3 1972
Headlining band

Name: Blackfeather

Members: Neale JohnsWarren WardGreg SheehanPaul Wyld

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Venue details
Marlboro Plastic Dome Disco
Status: Closed
Type: Outdoor Concert Venue
Location: Yarra Banks Melbourne
Comments: [Originally listed in the listings of Go-Set 1972-03-04, p.19 as the 'Marlboro High Dome. Moomba - Yarra Banks' - presumably as part of the Moomba festival. It is later listed as 'Marlboro Plastic Dome Disco' and seems to have continued at Alexandra Gardens on the Yarra. It is advertised as a licensed venue.]


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